Will export always be in the middle of the negotiation at all stages between wholesale buyers and my company?

We are your channel to manage inventory, purchase orders and contracts with buyers.

With the technology of Exporta you will be able to directly manage your sales process.  By signing up, you will start offering your products and our team will connect you with North American buyers allowing your company to capture more value.

Our platform works as your main channel to manage your commercial information, purchase orders, and communications with buyers.

With our service, you will also be able to access our exclusive sale channel and have the support of our sales team to get wholesale buyers.

In our platform Exporta Wholesale, the purchase process is handled by our sales team. They will be in charge of showing the information of your products by including it within the customized supplier proposals we make for large-scale buyers.

When we have a customer interested in a large order, we will notify you so you can start the process of creating samples and production orders.

Once we have a work agreement, the Exporta team communicates permanently with our suppliers to inform them about the development of each of the phases of the export process. This way, we guarantee continuous and transparent communication at all times so that our assistance is useful and effective.