Why do you manufacture in Latin America?

Compared to factory Asia our suppliers provide a superior sourcing solution with tax-free agreements.

At Exporta, we have secured a platform with 4000 suppliers in Latin America to provide a superior sourcing experience compared to Factory Asia. Our network of high-quality factories now reliably supply dozens of brands in the United States with greater product standards and fairer conditions.

By choosing to manufacture in  Latin America, you will be contributing to an industry with better treatment for employees, fairer wages, environmentally-friendly operations, and companies with corporate responsibility and social impact.

Trading in the Americas also allows you to take advantage of the Free Trade Agreements, whereby your merchandise from some Latin American nations can enter the United States tax-free and with a guarantee of fair working conditions.

Also, having business partners and suppliers in a neighboring region will reduce the lead times less than half from factory Asia, which means that your funds will be unused for less time.

With all of this, manufacturing in Latin America will make the sourcing process faster, easier, and more reliable for you and your business.