Who will transport the goods and how?

Exporta's logistics partners handle the product shipping from the country of origin to the United States.

By working with Exporta, you will have access to exclusive transportation agreements to quickly and safely bring your merchandise to the United States. The logistics process is handled directly through our platform and through reliable international carriers who take care of shipping, customs clearance, and delivery. 

For our wholesale providers of Exporta Supplier, we have a collection system in each country, where we concentrate all the producers' inventories to make the shipments to the United States.

If you are part of this program, you will be able to ship your products to our local reception centers once you have your orders ready.  In this type of order, the shipping cost is covered by the buyers, who also choose the distribution company from the special selection that our team provides.

Depending on your order's size, our team will study which is the best way to ship it, either by courier or by ship.

Thanks to this methodology, our professional partners will handle the export process details and all the logistic complications, from the shipments, customs, and freight forwarding.