Who are your suppliers?

Exporta works with the top manufacturers from all across Latin America.

We have a supplier network of more than 4000 providers that includes the largest manufacturers in Latin America, experienced companies, and cost-effective factories. 

We vet our suppliers by conducting a selective qualification process, in which we review everything from facility installation to personal management. We also partner with local chambers of commerce and government institutions to find manufacturers that best fit our customer needs.

Among our large network of manufacturers, you will find companies from Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Argentina, and Mexico. Our networks consist of local suppliers, industrial-sized manufacturers, and small & medium businesses. 

We also partner with some of the most recognized suppliers in Latin America, such as: 

  • Nunú kids expert: for baby care products
  • Pancos: to handcrafted shoes and beachwear
  • Nature’s Garden: natural medicine and health products
  • Fuera De Serie: women clothes brand
  • Offcorss: clothing provider 

By working with the top manufacturers in Latin America and collaborating with local institutions, we ensure high-quality products and get the most reliable providers at the best prices.

Our mission is to provide a superior sourcing experience through our partners in Latin America compared to Asia's factory.