What is private label branding?

Manufacture your products with experienced suppliers and sell under your logo and branding.

Private label products are the ones that are manufactured by experienced factories and are sold under a retail brand name.

Entrusting the manufacturing process to experienced and cost-effective factories is a tactic used by small-to-medium-sized businesses, entrepreneurs, stores, and major companies as a way to minimize their manufacturing costs.  

At Exporta, we can help you source your private label products. Our specialized team presents you with a list of high-quality manufacturers who can make your product to choose from. We can help you customize packaging, labels, and designs so you can have inventory under your brand name, ready to sell. 

The private label method has plenty of advantages: 

  • Increased profits: By outsourcing your production to a factory, you can take advantage of economies of scale and manufacture your product for less, you can reduce your cost and increase your margins.
  • Create your own brand: when customizing and buying exclusive products, you can create the business's identity, guide in the design process, and leave manufacturing to a factory, so you can concentrate on building a business strategy. All of our suppliers want you to bring a new idea to be manufactured.
  • Customer loyalty: stores and retailers use private-label branding to create recognition from the customers and offer products that only they can sell.