What are the payment terms in wholesale businesses?

Your payments are issued for each purchase order that is placed.

At Exporta we are committed to ensuring that you receive your income safely and quickly, which is why we have developed a reliable and stable payment system. 

For each order that is placed on our platforms, transactions will be made separately, so you can better organize and keep track of each earnings you receive from your sales. 

How do we achieve this? By dividing each purchase order into two large credits, receiving half as an advance payment and the other half after delivery of your products.

With this mechanism, we ensure that when a wholesale buyer and a supplier come into contact to start the production process, the supplier receives 50% of the payment. Therefore, by accepting the agreement with the buyer you can cover the production costs and ensure liquidity in each sale. 

And since we also care about expediting the entire process for the suppliers, we pay the remaining 50% of the purchase amount once the products are in the hands of the client in the United States.