What are the lead times for my products?

Sourcing from Latin America will reduce delivery times to less than half from factory Asia.

One of the advantages of sourcing from Latin America with Exporta is that transportation costs and times are faster and logistics are more efficient.  To enable this, we have multiple transportation partnerships to provide low-cost and quick shipping of products from Latin America to the United States.

We partner with DHL for courier and shipments under 70 kilograms (154.324 pounds). And for bigger loads, we have 3 additional logistics partners, two in the United States and one in Latin America. As a buyer, you will have access to the prices of all these to be able to choose the best carrier for your order. 

From the moment the order is placed, the lead time can range considerably, mainly driven by the size of the order. But thanks to the close proximity to the manufacturers, after dispatched your product can arrive at any U.S. location as fast as 15 days.

Our team will work directly with you, so your warehouse or 3PL provider always has inventory on hand. With this, we guarantee that our buyers are able to take delivery of the product at any verified address in the United States.