What are the edible products Exporta works with?

To export food to the United States you need to register at the FDA.

At Exporta we work with edible products as materials for export to the United States as long as these already contain FDA certification and come in presentations that exceed one year in duration.

In order to safely export edible products to the United States, you must process the certification of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which is the government agency in charge of food regulation in the country.

This approval must be obtained by all manufacturers or packers who wish to bring food products into the United States. This will certify that their products are harmless, contamination-free and safe for consumption. 

Obtain FDA registration is free and can be done online. To do so, you must enter the website: www.access.fda.gov and create a digital application to obtain the biannual permit.

In addition to this certification, suppliers must have their perishable products in presentations with at least one year of duration, so their quality and components can remain unchanged for the time they remain in storage.

By meeting these requirements, our manufacturers in Latin America can easily and confidently export consumer goods safely and with confidence.