What advantages do Latin American products have over Asian ones?

Latin American suppliers offer better quality production, with faster and more reliable processes.

At Exporta Technologies, we know that Latin America has high-quality producers capable of reliably supply multiple brands in the United States with high-level products.

Compared to the questionable manufacturing conditions in Asia, Latin American suppliers have better quality production and a more reliable process. In fact, thanks to the adoption of international standards, many companies in the region have ISO9000 quality certifications, which confirm their quality management and responsible practices. 

Thanks to the Free Trade Agreement the United States has with at least 11 Latin American countries, products exported from the region have many economic advantages. The main one is the possibility of entering tax-free and with guarantees of fair trade and favorable labor conditions.

Besides, proximity is an important factor to enable more affordable transport costs, faster delivery times, and lower minimum order quantities.

Our team has experience working with high-quality factories that have worked for the most important brands globally, so we are confident in the production capacity of our region and its exporting potential.