How to compete in the wholesale market?

Establishing fair and competitive prices allows to get more customers and sustainable business relationships.

To obtain large and long-term commercial agreements, it is necessary to work with competitive prices that will attract potential clients and allow you to win an quotation process with Exporta customers in the United States.

When starting to export, the possibilities of growth in wholesale will depend on the supply, quality and prices that the producers can offer. To maximize these possibilities, our platform handles customized processes for each client, allowing buyers to choose the supplier that best suits their needs.

In this sense, we aim for our manufacturers to offer competitive quotes and exclusive offers to wholesale customers, in a manner that prices can represent stable and long term profits.

Historically, manufacturing prices in Asia have been lower, however, they do not present the guarantees of quality, trust and fair treatment that producers in Latin America can bring to the international market. Therefore, the region is increasingly emerging as a closer and more reliable option for manufacturing at a reasonable cost.

Our goal is to create a network of suppliers that can offer competitive prices for each client, obtaining fair profits and more stable commercial deals for Latin America.