How often will I have wholesale opportunities?

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Sales opportunities for B2B online businesses are increasing, and with Exporta, you can show your catalog to our network of over 2000 American buyers.

Our system gives you a secure and straightforward way to connect with this exclusive network of companies. To increase your chances of getting wholesale sales, you have to register on the platform and have your products updated to offer you as a reliable supplier.

Market overview:

The digital sector is favorable for companies in Latin America since there is a value of 3.2 billion dollars associated with industrial consumer goods imported from Asia that can be covered by the region.

Also, U.S. companies already make more than half of their wholesale purchases online, so a digital presence is an essential step to reach the big leagues.

To take you there, in Exporta, we have more than 500 companies actively interested in Latin American manufacturers who have already made purchase orders or are in the process of placing orders. 

By keeping your account updated frequently, you will be able to access more business opportunities and be present in the suppliers' selection process that we carry out for large-scale buyers. 

How to set competitive prices to increase sales?

Setting competitive prices is the best way to make wholesale deals in the U.S. because it will make your products stand out and be more attractive to buyers.

A good rule to get a great wholesale price is to think of 20% of the retail price. This means that you can set your wholesale offer with a gross margin of 80%, which will allow you to be highly competitive in the North American market, attract new customers more frequently and establish long-lasting and profitable relationships.

These wholesale businesses are attractive because although you sell at a lower price, your buyers demand large and recurring quantities.

Implementing this formula, together with your perseverance and our team's work, will allow you to maintain an active commercial life and reach new customers.