How does the sampling process work?

Samples of products will be delivered to your doorstep for approval before you place any wholesale order.

Our sourcing method is designed to ensure all the products you buy meet your standards of quantity, quality & price. To ensure this, sampling is the key process that helps us guarantee your product fulfills your requirements and it is ready to bring value to your company and clients. 

After you choose the manufacturer you want to work with, we work closely with this supplier to confirm that any specifics requirements or changes in the prototype are done. Once the provider has the final product ready, the samples will be delivered to you for approval or feedback, if necessary. 

To make this possible, your order will navigate the following steps in a timely manner:

  1. Request customization: Working with us, you will be able to customize your product with your logo and any other requests, such as specific materials, color variations, or sizes.
  2. Receive initial sample: Once you've customized your products to your liking, you can request samples and see your products in person before placing any purchase orders.
  3. Give feedback: After receiving your samples, the buyer may accept or reject them. If you don't approve the samples, our team will conduct a call to understand the changes needed. With this information, we send you a document with all the adjustments discussed for the definitive approval. After this, we communicate the changes to our supplier who will make the final product.
  4. Approve and purchase: Once you approve and love your final samples, you can proceed to place your purchase order. 
Thanks to the close proximity to the manufacturers, the Exporta sample shipment only takes from 5 to 8 working days, so you don't need to worry about any delay in the order and you will be able to enjoy fast and reliable logistics.