How do I know the wholesale buyers you connect me with are reliable?

At our platform, all payments are guaranteed.

Trust is a key value in our community, that's why our verification processes guarantee that each and every purchase order comes from legitimate and creditworthy customers.

We want you to leave behind the worries of missed payments and focus on expanding your sales and production.

To achieve this, we process purchase orders with 100% payment security. This way we guarantee that the client pays in advance and the suppliers can receive the first 50% when the order is processed and the remaining 50% when the inventory arrives in the United States. 

As well, on large orders that require payment on credit, the customer must provide a letter of credit guarantee issued by a financial institution to ensure that the funds are available.

With this mechanism, we ensure that each and every sale made on our platforms is supported regardless of the amount involved.

In this manner, when our suppliers start working on the order we have already collected the payment in full.