How competitive are my prices in the United States?

Some Latin American suppliers can export tax-free to the United States.

At Exporta we believe that Latin American companies are an alternative to the supply chain in Asia.

To achieve this, our team works hand in hand with each supplier to offer competitive prices and reach more and better commercial agreements, resulting in fairs and promising profits.

When comparing production in Asia with Latin America, many countries in the region offer more stable wages. This makes it easier for companies to anticipate manufacturing costs.

In addition, thanks to agreements to achieve ethical conditions, Latin American suppliers work with different environmental and quality certifications.

Another great asset is the advantage offered by the Free Trade Agreement that the United States has with 11 countries of the region. Under these agreements, goods can enter North America tax-free and with the guarantee of fair and ethical working conditions.

Proximity is another incentive that allows lower transportation costs and faster delivery of purchase orders.

In general terms, manufacturing in Latin America allows reliable supply, with access to exclusive items and high-quality production.