E-commerce B2B vs. E-commerce B2C

Your target customer will define your online sales model.

There are two major trends within e-commerce and it is important that you take them into account to define which is the ideal model for your company and which strategy you should follow to get the right customers.

E-commerce B2B

When talking about B2B, business-to-business relationships are described. This means that both the buyer and the seller are companies, so the direct client is not always the final consumer or, if it is, the product is required to satisfy the internal needs of a commercial group. 

Among the main characteristics of this sales model you will find:

  • Trade oriented to business needs
  • Purchase volumes are larger
  • The business relationship can be long-term stable
  • The quality requirements of the products are usually higher
  • Professional buyers are the ones who are in charge of looking for suppliers to carry out the purchases of your company
  • A more specialized market

Through digital sales channels this sector is experiencing strong growth. Nowadays professional buyers make 50% of their corporate purchases and supplier inquiries through the Internet, so the opportunities in B2B oriented platforms are increasing.

E-commerce B2C

B2C relationships are focused on Business to Customer sales. In this sector, the business offers its final product to the consumer client with a more massive and public offer to attract buyers who need its products.

The most relevant aspects of this model are:

  • Trade is oriented to individual needs
  • The final consumer is the one who pays and uses the product
  • These can be one-time purchases with a shorter business relationship
  • The consumer is more interested in the presentation and functionality of the product
  • The offer must draw the consumer's attention to it in order to conclude the sale
  • The market is more extensive

This type of commerce is at its peak and competition is increasing, but online stores have allowed newer brands to grow and gain exposure that was previously hard to achieve quickly and effectively.