Do you manufacture raw materials or industrial goods?

At Exporta we manage suppliers that can produce a large variety of products, from raw materials to final goods. 

At Exporta, we have a large network of Latinamerican suppliers that produce with the highest quality standards and competitive prices different types of products, from raw materials to textiles, consumer packaged products, and many more.

Our sourcing process is designed to connect you with a selection of manufacturers, specially curated for your needs. To enable this, Exporta has created a platform that allows you to pick a product from our already existing categories or request original product prototyping. After that selection, our team will send you a detailed list of matching suppliers so you can choose the one that best suits your production requirements.

With Exporta, you can discover an extensive network of high-quality factories for consumer packaged goods and take advantage of the great experience that Latin American factories have as one of the world's leading sources of raw materials.