Can I contact your suppliers directly?

Our team will communicate with the manufacturers on your behalf.

Exporta Wholesale has a customer-focused team that will handle your orders and all of the communications with the suppliers, eliminating the hassle of a back and forth with manufacturers. 

With this method, you can forget the typical miscommunication and confusion with traditional wholesale services, and all the negotiations will be seamless with our team. You will have the ease of talking to someone who speaks English and understands all your needs precisely.

In addition, our team knows the supplier's culture and will communicate with specific jargon to get exactly what the buyer wants to close successful business deals. From supplier research, language translations, agreements, and shipment our team supports you and manages all the talking for you, so your company can focus on building your business. 

Through our portal, you will receive a curated list of suppliers, pick manufacturers, and begin the process of creating your first shipment. You will also have access to see selected provider’s quotes and price lists for the products you are looking for. 

Our customer service and sales team will be there to proudly service you and manage the direct contact with the manufacturers at every step of the way until products arrive at your doorstep.