Who are the clients of Exporta in the United States?

We have more than 2000 registered buyers.

Every day there are more North American companies interested in looking for their suppliers and manufacturers in Latin America, therefore, we have constant marketing campaigns to attract new buyers.

Currently, Exporta already has more than 2000 business clients in the United States, 500 of which are active buyers who are in continuous negotiation to place purchase orders on our platforms.

Within our range of clients, we have institutional buyers who place orders for government agencies and foundations.

We also have extensive connections with big companies and private corporations, large retail chains, and industrial clients looking for wholesale suppliers for large scale businesses.

Additionally, you will have access to boutique buyers, representatives of individual brands, and entrepreneurs who are focused on smaller contracts to source new high-quality products that they will later sell in their stores.

By becoming part of the Exporta Technologies family, our buyers could find your products, be interested in them and make contact to initiate business relationships.