How to fill in the Export form to upload data to

Fill out our Excel template, submit it, and get immediate visibility.

Starting to work with Exporta is very simple. First, you must load your products on our platform. We have designed two ways to do this: directly in the portal or through a template in Excel format.

If you enter our website, you will be able to access a basic form to become part of Exporta Supplier. With the information you provide us, we will include your company in our supplier network for you to sell wholesale to the United States with us.

To complete your information you need to have your company details available and tell us about your business, your products, and experience. Once you register, we will process your data and create a user that will give you access to the platform where you can manage products, orders, and payments.

You can also provide us with the details of your company through an Excel template that we will send you in an email. There you will describe your product information with all the details you need.

Once you have completed the file, you can upload it directly to the link we send to your email or you can send it to any of our account executives.

When we receive your template, we will translate it into English and upload it to our platform. After that, we will provide you with a username and password to manage your product information.

These registration processes will allow us to collect your data to upload it to our platform and give instant visibility to your catalog to more than 500 wholesale buyers.

Our Webinars

If you want to know more details regarding our process and learn the opportunities to start selling with Exporta Supplier, you can participate in our Webinars every Wednesday and solve your doubts directly with our team.

To register, click on the following link: